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Welcome to the ‘Soul Fiction’ Artist’s Portal.

Through this platform you are able to - take control and progress as an emerging artist by connecting with contemporaries, exhibiting your work and selling through your user profile with no commission taken.

As an independent artist’s collective designed to survive without advertising subsidies, we adopt the idea of mutual benefit with an emphasis on organic marketing as our means to grow, ‘so get rabbiting’.

We therefore rely on you, as a committed Artist, to be proactive within the site and share your profile in order to best utilize this facility and in turn support your neighbours.

Once a month - check out our ‘Featured Artist’ as voted by you. This will see the elected Artist featured on our homepage and in turn fast track their work to be reviewed by affiliated galleries.

We also offer homegrown products – media novel formats and limited online publishing and printing facilities through affiliated organisations. All our publications and affiliated marketing campaigns are linked with this site in order to expand the audience for participating artists.

Whether its audio, visual or literary – we hope you share your work off the site and invite others to view what’s on it. We very much look forward to seeing more of your creations on the Soul Fiction Portal...

For & on behalf of

Soul Fiction

‘For what is ‘Art’ - if not Soul Fiction’



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BIG FISH in a small pond

Participation in this site... It is very good to be here and see the evolution (albeit gradual) of this community. We will be spreading the word and hope for your vote one of these months.

Alive in the machine

Problems vs. Solutions

If anyone is experiencing problems with adding content, contact -

Alive in the machine

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