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Stephanie Smart: drawing and paper collage

Transmute Traslucent Dragons (Books an 'at)

Transmute Traslucent Dragons

    This is Stephanie Smart’s first published collection of verse. The twenty-five poetic images in this volume are interspersed with twenty lyrical details and four Haiku. It is a reflection of a particular period in time with (around the edges) ripples of events that had passed. Extract: (Poem) Time is a torturer Time is a torturer, wonderful and true; Sitting in the middle, in between the two; What do you want? An answer? How foolish are you? Time is a torturer, wonderful and true. Time is a torturer it waits with a knife; If ever you do try too hard it slices through your life; Somewhere in the distance, where money might be game; The far off streak of fortune and the distant beat of shame. I don’t want an answer, I never asked for this; I don’t want a peaceful life, nothing is not bliss! I don’t want a husband, or a car, or a train. I’ll just sit on the railroads and wait for the rain. (Haiku) A memory person, Drifts through inner time. I let them passage. Price: £.5.99 + postage


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