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Stephanie Smart: drawing and paper collage

The Karmic Kaftan (Art work)

The Karmic Kaftan

    Size: half life-size (65cm x 82cm framed) Materials: paper, thread. Description: paper kaftan and knickers. Details of text (bottom middle): 'Karma is formed by mental intentions: positive, negative, neutral' (knickers): 'Intentions are Intimate' I am interested in representing the ephemeral qualities of human beings (memories, thoughts, feelings, visual impressions, ideas and imaginings). I see people as layered, collated, collaged and constructed works of art. I believe we each “wear” personally collaged narratives around ourselves. Sometimes these are formed consciously and sometimes we exhibit previously hidden layers of our unconscious impressions but either way, like auras or second skins, these can be read by others. Inspired by the paper Kaftan of a Sultan I saw in a museum in Istanbul I have chosen to produce items of clothing (the most material aspect of external impression) from paper. The work is a collage of illustrated and written details that completes a visual narrative as an (at least apparently) wearable garment. The garment is displayed behind glass in order to stress the ephemeral and fragile nature of our impressions. The simplicity of the shape I see as reminiscent of the hospital gown and hope that this correspondence (+ the fragile medium of the paper) suggest the fragility of both the particular emotional aspect of the psyche being portrayed and the physical body one might find inside. By producing work which suggests the body covered by the layer of impressions of the psyche I hope to draw attention to the interdependence of our inner and outer realities. My background is as a sculpture and glass artist. I have exhibited nationally and worked to commission. My work on paper (drawing and text-based) is a brand new departure. In January 2013 I will be beginning as artist-in-residence at The Muse Gallery, Portobello road, London and developing this body of work. Price £350 + postage


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