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Susana Lopez F.: Photography and Painter.

Territorios (Art work)


    Meet The Artist event: Territorios, Susana Lopez Fernandez Saturday 4th May 12-5pm Meet Debut Artist, Susana Lopez Fernandez, and get involved with a workshop in how to manipulate photographic images whilst discovering the diversity of communities and cultures around an area. Territorios (Jigsaw in English), is a photographic investigation how different communities coexist in the same territory - The result of Susana Lopez Fernandez´s stay during February and March, 2013 in Point B, an artist residency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, which has been a magnet for immigrants for a long time and from anywhere. This Saturday event will be the starting point for the 2nd part of Territorios where Notting Hill, London will be the main stage this time.

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