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Stephanie Smart: drawing and paper collage

Peter's Nieces (Art work)

Peter's Nieces

    Overview: My work seeks to examine and make tangible the meeting point between mind and body, consciousness and physicality. I am particularly interested in the bridge between the physical and metaphysical and the ways in which these two aspects of being human can be seen to be interpenetrating. Since finishing my MA in Cosmology at the end of 2009 my art work has reflected my study of the metaphysical philosophies of ancient and modern man more than ever. Stylistically my influences have always included: Stained-glass, the Persian and Indian miniature traditions, Illuminated manuscripts and maps, Icons and Calligraphy. Drawings: After training in Decorative Arts my practice as an artist was for many years primarily concerned with producing stained-glass and glass sculpture. In this way I have educated my eye in respect of pattern, geometry and colour whilst nurturing an ever increasing personal fascination with the concept of translucency. After having looked directly through my primary medium for quite some while I have recently found within myself the need to step back somewhat, to consider and thereby compare figurative detail/external impression; thereby to try to stand on the bridge between the two realms, inner and outer. I am beginning to understand the work of the (visual) artist as visual philosophy (looking so deeply at that which is external to oneself that eventually you can see someway into and through it). I hope that something of this will come across in my work as I strive to combine portraiture with symbolism. I believe in the discipline of drawing and am delighted to have returned to the primary practice of my childhood. materials: pencil on paper size: A2 (42 x 49.5cms) size inc frame: 63 x 84cms Price: £275 (mounted, unframed) £350 (framed)


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